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Nurture your valuable relationships — 4 ideas & actions

Today, I'm inviting you to celebrate and nurture two things.

First of all, the relationships you have with yourself. These are the most important that let you be you, let you shine and let you enjoy thriving towards what matters to you. Secondly, the important social relationships you have with others. Because how would your life be without them?

How can you nurture them?

Here are a few ideas.

  1. Emphasize your best qualities: what makes you unique? Use more of them!

  2. Foster your 'careership': what feels exciting in your work? Do more of that!

  3. Cultivate your relationships: who are you grateful for? Tell them that!

  4. Embrace love: how do you show your love? Show it often.

Celebrate and nurture the important relationships
Celebrate and nurture the important relationships

What are your best practices to foster the relationships?

Focusing on building meaningful relationships has made my life richer and more fulfilling. I wouldn't be where I am without deeper inner development, showing up as my best self (most of the time ☺️) and investing in creating the way of living and working that supports my priorities (and non-negotiables!). And I'm here to help your growth journeys.

I believe we are on this earth to enjoy life. And we can truly enjoy life when we focus on what matters to us, embrace those priorities and so invest in making a difference that is meaningful for us. So how do you want to help others around you?

My purpose is to help your transformative growth journeys that improve your life quality, enjoyment and fulfilment. I'm opening 2 personal coaching opportunities for March so book a consultation with me when you'd want to transform your life and infuse it with joy and meaning.

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Since today is about sharing and caring, we offer The LIVIO JOY Taster Experiences two for one! You can double your benefits or gift the other one - a perfect way to show how much you care. This exceptional deal is available only in our shop until 15.2 so don't think twice!

Wonderful Valentine's Day nurturing your valuable relationships! ❤️


Career Growth Coach | LIVIO JOY

Kaisa's career was built on her plan B. When her work wasn't supporting her new life situation, Kaisa started exploring what would excite her. The career growth turned out challenging. After deep self-exploration and overcoming stress and panic, she came up with a plan that would support her professional growth objectives, strengths and life priorities. So, she moved to London, certified as a coach and became a business owner of LIVIO JOY supporting her purpose - building a better working life through inner growth and leadership development.


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