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It's time to start living the life you want! Just imagine for a moment what kind of experiences you want to have in your life... career... love.


Are you excited to go after those experiences? That's all you need to know now. We'll help you with the what, how, and when.


Don't waste time on something that is not important and exciting to you.

Life is too short to live it small and scared. Life is meant to be explored and enjoyed! So, let's unleash the life you're meant to have!


We help busy achievers and overdoers discover and activate their desires so they can enjoy living. Working with us levels up your energy, certainty and courage to take the next steps and turn your dreams into reality.

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Transform Your Life

Our LIVIO JOY coaching has a track record of improving our client's life and self-mastery skills from decision-making, goal-setting and time management to building trust, certainty and courage - the essentials to support their desired changes and life transformations. Let us support your transformational journey to life mastery! In just 90 days, we will help you focus your time and efforts into your highest priorities and level up your life to remarkable experiences! 

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Drive life changes with joy and courage

Having helped hundreds of experts and leaders from 20+ different nationalities has given us an understanding of what is needed to make major life and career changes. Therefore, we combine self and life mastery together. What we will do together is to

  • ALIGN your vision with your needs and priorities

  • BUILD your mindset to support any change or challenge

  • CULTIVATE your strengths, potential and purpose

  • DESIGN your fulfilling, high-quality lifestyle and career

  • ENHANCE your self-mastery to achieve anything within your control


Meet your coach Kaisa

Our LIVIO JOY founder, Kaisa has made many conscious life changes, transformations and career pivots since 2013. Her inner work has formed a solid foundation that has helped her to go after promotions, new challenges and career pivot to entrepreneurship. Her self-exploration and growth journey has inspired others to go after their daring professional dreams. Now Kaisa helps other impact-driven experts and entrepreneurs to create the life, career and business growth they want and feel good about themselves.

We guide you to mastery


Learn ways how to lead your vision and inspire others to join the mission feeling excited and engaged in their work.


Discover your meaningful career and professional growth path and go after purpose-driven opportunities.


Take control of creating your desired way of living that supports your priorities and non-negotiables.

Want to start your own business?


Develop your self-leadership to thrive as an entrepreneur and hold yourself accountable for creating the results.


Discover your compelling vision, crystalize your purpose and how you want to help others succeed.


Take care of your well-being while being at your best to show up to yourself and your clients.

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