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Want to boost your happiness? You've landed the right place!


We see the concept of happiness a bit more broadly than what first comes to your mind. Therefore, this HAPPYFUL workbook offers you tools on how to elevate your life quality beyond happy experiences. I know happiness sounds pretty good already. Life can also give so much more.


So, our LIVIO JOY founder Kaisa gathered her 5 essential ways to level up your life quality, joy and fulfilment that has both the immediate as well as long term impact. Just order yours below and the workbook is on its way. Dive into the assignments and turn your ideas into small every day life actions and you'll start noticing the impacts as well!

Yes, I want my workbook copy!

Congrats on investing in your happiness! Thanks for your order. You can download your workbook from the confirmation email which is on its way. Add in your contacts to make sure to receive it.

Who is your coach Kaisa?


Hi, I'm Kaisa, the mastermind behind LIVIO JOY coaching and mentoring with a purpose to transform lives, careers and businesses.


Having transitioned from a ten-year corporate career to a nomad coach and entrepreneur has given me an understanding of what it takes to make big life and career changes. Since 2020, I've been helping other emerging talents, leaders and business owners from 20+ nationalities living around Europe and the Americas to fulfil their dreams.


The fastest and easiest way to start working with me is to:


Take your next step towards a happier life today and let's get started!


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Does life feel OK but not great? Don't miss up on living your best life — the one you deserve.

Sometimes we need a gentle push to start taking the actions that will transform our life joy, career growth or business impact - whatever is important for you to focus on now. Therefore, we offer an opportunity to get access to our LIVIO JOY support without any line. Just get your Taster Experience to get your desires moving into reality. Our clients have found these tasters 100 % beneficial in their situation. See what the Taster Experience includes and get yours today!

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How Taster Experience helped me forward

"I really recommend working with Kaisa if you feel like you need some clarity on the next steps in your life. Just in one session, she made me realise and verbalise what I want to achieve and I set some targets for myself." – Andreea, E-Commerce Specialist

"Kaisa held the space really well for me. The coaching session helped to keep me inspired and connected to my purpose in life." – Jacqueline, Self-Employed

"I've been at a career crossroads and Kaisa helped me to find the next path that felt truly my own. The best part, though, was the feeling Kaisa understood me and was genuinely on my side. Kaisa was able to ask me very clever questions to lift up my hopes and make me trust in myself more!" - Amelii, starting entrepreneur

Read more success stories and get empowered to change your life too!

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