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Do you wish to improve your team performance to achieve the shared goals, develop your leadership style to engage all parties to thrive for your success and grow your business towards the purpose-driven vision. We at LIVIO JOY drive for your success. Therefore, our coaching approach focuses on supporting your development and growth based on how you define success. Let's plan your vision forward!


Leadership development

Are your emerging leaders feeling confident, resourceful and energetic in their position and empowering team's growth objectives? We at LIVIO JOY understand what it takes to take on new roles and responsibilities mentally and in practice. So, we specialize in supporting emerging leaders and business owners to take their next growth steps with certainty, develop a leadership style that supports their mission, and feel empowered to face new challenges.


The leadership style and employee well-being shows directly to the work engagement level, so the bottom line. So, our mission is in supporting the future change-makers:

  • ALIGN the clear future vision with growth targets

  • BUILD a thriving mindset to achieve their outcomes

  • CULTIVATE their strengths to access true potential

  • DESIGN their ways of working to level up engagement

  • ENHANCE their self-efficacy and resourcefulness

  • FIND inspiring ways to boots collective growth

As a LIVIO JOY coachee you will


Learn ways how to lead your vision, prioritize important activities and set inspiring goals to feel fully engaged.


Find any pitfalls, overcome self-liming beliefs and reframe useless patterns to focus on your strengths with joy.


Engage in your uniqueness, listen to your needs and gather resources to feel empowered to reach your targets.

Why Support Leadership?

Employees are your most valuable resource. Thus, we want to help you take care of them because their efforts will either feed or defeat your changes for success.


Our aim is to help you increase your employee engagement as it tells well how motivated your essential talents are to work for your organisational success. Alarmingly, up to 85% of employees are not excited or engaged in their work. This low employee engagement costs billions each year: $550 B in the US and £85 B in the UK for example (TCA coaching material).


We see that improving employee engagement by supporting your talent's career growth management is a total win-win situation. These activities will not only support meeting your talent's motivation needs of self-esteem and self-actualization but boost your competitiveness and succeeding in the longer-run.


We do this for example by helping your talents in:

  • identifying exciting learning opportunities in-house

  • meeting their career growth interests,

  • developing their unique skills and competence.


Specialists are actively looking for change. Of global employees 41% say they are thinking to change jobs or make bigger career transitions in 2021. Of young workers 74% are open or looking for new opportunitiesFrom passive movers, 3/4 would take a new job when approached by another company. Who are they in your organisation? Talent transitions not only cost in lost skills: it's calculated that hiring or keeping a talent costs £ 30,000 or equivalent.

How satisfied your employees are? What thrives them? How do you inspire them to feel engaged in the shared mission? And ultimately, what could you achieve when you're employees were excited and engaged in their work?

LIVIO JOY-46_edited.jpg

Thrive for successful results!

We have helped professionals to look for new career opportunities that are aligned with their current interests and priorities. To build more sustainable success we also want to support organisations to engage their talents to stay and thrive inhouse. This proactive approach will secure your competitiveness, support your HR strategy and ensure having the talents to pursue the business vision. The results will show in your bottom line.


Therefore, we at LIVIO JOY are passionate about guiding business owners, leaders and managers to​ boost their own well-being, work excitement and engagement as well as to

  • clarify and communicate about the purpose-driven vision

  • find ways to engage all stakeholder parties in the mission

  • feel energetic and resourceful fulfilling their responsibilities

  • have ways to support teams' well-being and work environment

  • use their skills and potential to thrive in their role

  • use emotional intelligence to develop their leadership style

  • practice prioritizing to meet their targets feeling accomplished


Certified Coaching by Kaisa

Our LIVIO JOY founder, Kaisa has 10-years of experience in enhancing business-to-business sales, brand development and customer engagement through creating strategic marketing activities before pivoting to a business owner herself. Kaisa uses her diverse career experience, knowledge from leadership and business management studies and professional coaching methods in her corporate and executive coaching. Her driver to help organisations is a vision of companies succeeding in a sustainable manner engaging their employees and clients to follow a meaningful mission. Read more about Kaisa's background and coaching.

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