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How are you taking care of your most essential resource - your people? One of the biggest reasons employees look for new opportunities outside their workplace is the lack of learning and career growth opportunities as well as not feeling valued and doing meaningful work. A lot of talent and potential is lost while recruitment times and costs increase. Replacing talents costs from 8,000 up to 30,000 Dollars / Euros. We see that those efforts and investments that are spent on finding, hiring and briefing a new talent are better used in supporting the current employees.


We help them to feel satisfied and valued in their work and to thrive in creativity, innovation, performance and growth and so increase the company's collective competence and competitive advantage. Therefore, we at LIVIO JOY specialize in supporting your employees to see and use their talents while managing their motivating career growth paths in-house.


What if you invested a third of your recruitment costs into purpose-driven talent management and their career and professional growth? What do you see that improved employee satisfaction and skills development will do for your success?

Supporting your leaders to thrive

We want to help your talents to thrive in their work, make the best use of their unique skills and take on growth opportunities in-house. The purpose of our career and talent management support is to boost your employees excitement, motivation and engagement towards their role and responsibilities.


Our Career Growth and Talent Management guidance supports your emerging talents and team leaders to

  • find their potential and strengths,

  • identify their growth areas and objectives,

  • fulfil their professional development interests,

  • build their essential skills and resources,

  • gain confidence and leadership skills



Our career growth management support not only will let your talents to thrive and flourish but will nurture the competence and development of your team as a whole - vital ways to strengthen the innovation abilities and competitive advantage while increasing the overall employee satisfaction, performance, and well-being. Many reasons why LIVIO JOY exists.

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Leadership Growth Support

​Your LIVIO JOY coaching and mentoring support include:

  • The pre-assignment and review by your coach

  • Collective goal-setting meeting with the client and coachee

  • Personal 1-1 coaching and mentoring to advance your desired transformations:

    • 'Set up for success' kickstart followed by

    • coaching meetings every 2-4 weeks

  • Direct chat access to your coach

  • The LIVIO JOY Library of various personal development exercises

  • The Coachee Journey workbook to record and review the progress

  • The Way Forward Plan to guide growth beyond the coaching journey

  • The Coachee Assessment to deepen your insights and reflect growth

  • Follow-up review meeting with the client and coachee

Ask for an offer and we'll book a meeting for us to find suitable support for your needs and desired outcomes.

Leadership Support with joy

With our Leadership Growth support, we help your key managers and emerging leaders to

  • elevate their motivation to thrive in their role and tasks

  • step into new challenges and projects feeling resourceful

  • feel excited and valued in leading the company's vision

  • use their strengths to succeed in their position

  • deepen their leadership skills and acquire needed new skills

  • align their growth objectives with their professional interests

  • boost their problem-solving to come up with new solutions

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Working with us


Learn ways to lead your vision and inspire others to join the collective mission feeling excited in their role.


Explore your meaningful career and professional growth path and go after new challenges with courage.


Take control of creating your desired way of working and living that supports your priorities and wellbeing.


Are you feeling unfulfilled in your current role and wanting to add meaning in your career? Do you get overwhelmed or incapable when it comes to planning out a new direction, job role or profession that would meet your interests?

Our LIVIO JOY clients gain ways to identify their strengths, career interests and exciting growth areas while aligning them with their valued priorities. They also learn to set purposeful goals to reach their desired career growth plan.

Elevated confidence & performance

"In the beginning, my goals seemed a mountain too tall to climb. I was frustrated and overburden with negative feelings. Also I’ve found goal setting very hard but Kaisa helped me to organize and plan different actions in a specific time frame.

After each session, I felt more confident, positive and empowered, and able to face a new step. I also learned different new ways to build trust in me, to face my fears and take purposeful actions. Now I understand I'm able to reach my goals and I have no reason to feel ineffective."

– Isabel, teacher


Meet our Certified Coach Kaisa

Our LIVIO JOY founder, Kaisa has made several career shifts to fulfil her professional growth interests. Having rebuilt her professional identity and thriving mindset forms a solid foundation that has benefited taking on job promotions, increased responsibilities, new projects as well as starting her own business. As she has experienced the challenges of managing her purposeful career growth, Kaisa wants to help other professionals to navigate their fulfilling career growth paths with less stress and more ease. Read more about Kaisa's inspiring career development path.


Speaker to boost the spirit?

Sometimes there is a place for a neutral party to give that extra boost and new perspectives to continue reaching your targets with more energy, focus, and motivation. Tell us what change, impact and outcome you're looking for from your event. Then we can tailor suitable content for your talents!

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