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Hi, I'm Kaisa and here to help you achieve your greatest goals in life, career and relationships! 

Meet Our Founder & Coach

In 2020 Kaisa Siipilehto started building LIVIO JOY on her purpose. Her mission is to help other professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs to navigate their desired changes and succeed in what they find important. She has designed LIVIO JOY coaching and mentoring services on a solution-focused approach combining best practices from her growth work, business knowledge, corporate experience and internationally recognised coaching methods.


Ever since Kaisa found the field and tools of coaching, she has used them to elevate her life quality, develop her leadership skills and create the results she wants to see in herself and in the world. Now she uses the proven techniques, methods and exercises to help others do the same - succeed in creating the results they want to create.


While qualifying as a performance coach from Europe's leading coaching training institution, The Coaching Academy, Kaisa has helped other experts and entrepreneurs from 20+ nationalities living around Europe and The Americas. Join our Courage to Lead Tribe to get the extra help to succeed in your targets!

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Kaisa's story has inspired others to follow their dreams and priorities

Kaisa was born and raised in Finland, the world's happiest country (World Happiness Report). Finnish society has offered a stable environment for building a fulfilling career which Kaisa, like many other Finns, has used to thrive towards their professional goals.

Since 2013 Kaisa has make conscious life changes and self-developed journeys like rebuilding her ideal identity, a thriving mindset and robust lifestyle. This self-exploration has formed a solid foundation which has empowered Kaisa to take up new roles and work responsibilities, create unforeseen projects and developed her strategic marketing activities to enhance business opportunities and brand and client engagement.


After a decade in various marketing roles, Kaisa started seeking a new career path that would support her current life situation, strengths and growth interests. Though, this career growth planning turned out more challenging than expected; after a panic reaction Kaisa looked for support and came up with an exciting career transition vision.


So, she moved to London in 2019 to re-educate herself in a field of coaching which has sparked her interest (and follow her love 🙊). As Europe's leading coaching institute, The Coaching Academy offered a profound foundation to begin her own coaching practice and helping other impact-driven individuals and business owners to build more sustainable living and businesses that supports creating long-term successes.


After finishing her personal performance coaching certification Kaisa has deepened her knowledge in corporate and executive coaching to help leaders and leaders-to-be to thrive in their role and lead their vision. Her life changes, career transitions, path to entrepreneurship, experiences from Finland and abroad as well as passion to help others succeed are driving forces behind her coaching.


Kaisa enjoyed meeting new professionals and would be happy to answer your questions and hear your story.


Our LIVIO JOY Founder, CEO and Coach Kaisa Siipilehto combines her personal growth experiences, career development insights and life lessons into her coaching and mentoring support.


  • Conscious self-discovery and self-development journey since 2013

  • Mindset practising positive thinking has allowed seeing the world of opportunities and thrive

  • Exploring & building my desired identity and lifestyle to experience happiness and love

  • Trusting & following my instincts, needs and interests to experience joy & fulfilment

  • Finding & pursuing my purpose to fulfil my meaning and flourish!



Special coaching courses and webinars in DISC, neuroscience, positive psychology and more

  • 170+ hours of coaching in various life changes, career growth, and professional development areas

  • Clients from 20+ nationalities living around Europe and the US

  • The Coaching Academy, London

    • Coaching Seminar 2019

    • Personal Performance & Life Coaching Training 2020–2021

    • Corporate & Executive Coaching Training 2021–

  • 10-year marketing experience in enhancing brand and customer engagement, B2B sales and business opportunities by creating strategic marketing activities​

  • Bachelor of Business Management 2010, Laurea Business Ventures

  • Master of Leadership & Business Management module 2020, JYV Uni

  • The Science of Wellbing, Yale

  • Other courses and trainings in business, leadership, marketing, positive psychology, neuroscience and more


Personal and professional development is a lifelong journey. As much as I am an advocate of learning by doing, it is advisable to take academic studies and additional courses to keep up do date in your profession. I also believe in variety and so we at LIVIO JOY support learning from different experts and institutions. This will give a broader view and differing insights that we can adjust and apply in your line of work.



Diplomas & Certifications granted by The Coaching Academy (ICF Accredited Coaching Institution):





Happiness & Well-being:

Positive Psychology:

  • Tools for Flourishing, 04/21, Joylla

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