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How to start your business?

Are you dreaming of starting your own business but are not sure where to start? Or do you want to make a bigger impact as an entrepreneur but you're feeling stuck? We help you to get started, excited and resourceful.


We at LIVIO JOY support starting entrepreneurs and emerging business owners to discover the next growth steps and drive meaningful changes with courage. Let's explore your targets and clarify the next steps towards flourishing growth.

For Starting Entrepreneurs

Having transitioned from corporate career and employment to entrepreneurship and building a company, we at LIVIO JOY what it takes to make major life and career changes. Let us help you yo

  • clarify your vision and winning business concept

  • get certainty on your next steps and 

  • plan your growth path

Findint the vision

"Kaisa helped me to find the next path that felt truly my own. She also guided me to see all my doubts and come up with alternative solutions. The best part, though, was the feeling Kaisa understood me and was genuinely on my side. I was able to open difficult topics and see them immediately in a new light and improve my understanding and compassion. Kaisa was able to ask me very clever questions to lift up my hopes and made me trust in me more!" - Amelii, planning to become self-employed

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Our LIVIO JOY Clients have improved their


Learn ways how to lead your vision and inspire others to join your mission feeling fully engaged in their work.


Explore your vision and a meaningful growth path and go after your clarified plan with confidence.


Take control of desiging your lifestyle according to your priorities combining your career and personal interests.

Join the Life Masters!

Get the benefits of personal coaching and community support to help you get started.

Depending on your situation you might want to take steady or rapid actions to advance your business plans. We have membership plans to choose from! Find out more about the membership options and choose a plan for your desired speed.


In just 6 months, we help you to plan and make bigger life and career changes that will improve the quality, joy and fulfilment of your living.


Supporting Your Growth

Our LIVIO JOY Emerging Entrepreneur Plan includes:

  • The Pre-assignment and review by your coach

  • Personal 1-1 coaching and mentoring to advance your desired transformations:

    • Longer 'Set up for success' session followed by

    • coaching meetings every 2-4 weeks depending on your objectives

  • Direct chat access to your coach

  • The LIVIO JOY Library of various personal development exercises

  • The Coachee Journey workbook to record and review the progress

  • The Way Forward Plan to guide growth beyond the coaching journey

  • The Coachee Assessment to deepen your insights and reflect growth

  • Follow-up review meeting with the client and coachee

  • BONUS: Consultation and feedback on your branding

Book your consultation for us to choose a suitable coaching plan according to your needs, current situation and desired outcomes.

Meet Your Coach Kaisa

Our LIVIO JOY founder, Kaisa has made many conscious life changes and career transitions since 2013. Having created her thriving identity and mindset forms a solid foundation that has benefited in taking up promotions, new work responsibilities, challenging projects and latest pivoting to a new field and starting her own business that meets her growth objectives and purposes. Her personal experiences as well as helping other talents and entrepreneurs from over 15 nationalities has given her an understanding of what it takes to make major changes. And how much help and support make an impact in the transformative journeys. Thus, Kaisa wants to help other professionals to navigate through their important career and life changes with less stress and sweat. Want to know more?

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