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We at LIVIO JOY believe that together we can create innovative solutions and achieve great results. Therefore, we have partnered up with other organisations and specialists to help our clients and communities to flourish and succeed. We are also open to new fruitful and empowering partnerships. Do you have an idea how we could help professionals and businesses?


Togerher with our current partners we provide coaching and consulting services, workshop programs and community events that support your career, leadership and foundership. Whether you're a professional or business owner, we have guidance to support your growth and development. Read more about our ongoing programs and partnerships below. We're happy to tell you more!

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

—African Proverb

Female Founders Suomi

Our LIVIO JOY Founder Kaisa is part of the Female Founders Suomi association supporting women interested in growing and starting their businesses. The association provides inspiration from others entrepreneurs and member's success stories. Join the supportive network of Finnish female entrepreneurs here.

To help the network flourish as a founder and succeed as a business leader, LIVIO JOY has designed an Flourishing Founder coaching plan inspired by the association. The program is now available at the Female Founders Suomi online shop

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LIVIO JOY as a partner

  • Services delivered online in English and Finnish

  • Global arena & experience: 100+ hours of coaching for 6 nationalities living in 6 countries, and counting!

  • Certified Coach: Personal Performance Coaching

  • Corporate Executive Coach in training

  • Creativity & Business sense in one: 10 year experience in enhancing B2B sales, brand awareness and customer engagement through strategic multi-channel marketing

  • Easy-going attitude: transparent culture and processes

  • Fruitful solutions: flexible creating shared practices

What LIVIO JOY offers you

Shall we can join our experiences, broaden our knowledge and offer more comprehensive support to our clients and communities.



Find ways to lead the vision and inspire others to join the mission feeling fully engaged in their work.

Explore meaningful opportunities and create your exciting career growth path with certainty and joy.


Increase your resourcefulness and find ways to pursue your purpose-driven vision as a confident change-maker.

Open to joint ventures

Do you share the same ideology that together we can support each other and come up with unique services to help our clients and communities to succeed. We are open to new partnership and collaboration ideas to join our experiences and knowledge to create new products and programs.

Kaisa, CEO & Founder of LIVIO JOY

Want to partner up?

LIVIO JOY is open to hear your partnership ideas and develop new initiatives to help others in a sustainable and beneficial way. We at LIVIO JOY believe that together people can flourish even bringter and create unforeseen opportunities where different experiences and knowledge complements each other.

Your, and later our initiatives can be anything from webinars to events or training programs to courses. It's up to us what create we come up with!

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