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Master Your Career Growth

Starting in a new workplace, thriving in your current expert or leadership role or shifting to a new job or field can be stressful. Our career coaching and mentoring help you to navigate your desired transitions, build confidence to go after your professional targets and have the courage to create exciting new career opportunities. We make sure you feel empowered and resourceful to make the changes and transitions you want to level up your career experience to miraculous results and success stories!

Step into Career Growth Mastery

Are you feeling dissatisfied with your current career situation? Do you dream of feeling excited about your work and having a meaningful role? Are you seeking for new opportunities to fulfil your professional interests?

As our LIVIO JOY coachee, you will discover the vision that makes you excited to wake up and go after your next professional targets and the results you want to make in your work and as a legacy of your career.

Landing my dream job

"In the beginning, my goals seemed a mountain too tall to climb. I was frustrated and overburden with negative feelings. Also I’ve found goal setting very hard but Kaisa helped me to organize and plan different actions in a specific time frame.

After each session, I felt more confident, positive and empowered, and able to face a new step. I also learned different new ways to build trust in me, to face my fears and take purposeful actions.

Now I understand I'm able to reach my goals and I have no reason to feel ineffective. Due to my increased self-esteem and taking the necessary actions, I received two job offers that correspond to my expectation."

– Isabel, teacher


Discover your career growth path

We help you to discover your professional interests, natural strengths and growth objectives. Gained certainty and clarity will have a major impact on progressing your desired short and long-term outcomes. And we help you to navigate the changes and transitions with joy and ease.

  • ALIGN your career vision with your growth objectives

  • BUILD a thriving mindset to flourish in your role and tasks

  • CULTIVATE your strengths and true potential

  • DESIGN your fulfilling career growth path

  • ENHANCE your self-leadership skills to create results

  • FREE from expectations to succeed on your terms

  • GROW your awareness to master your successes



In just 90 days, we help you to discover and take action towards the desired outcomes that align with your priorities, objectives and purposes.


In 6 months, we help you to plan and take on bigger career changes, transitions and opportunities that will improve your quality of life and work-life.

Our clients have mastered


Learn ways how to lead your vision and inspire others to join your mission feeling fully engaged in their work.


Explore your meaninful career and professional growth path and go after your clarified plan with confidence.


Take control of desiging your lifestyle according to your priorities combining your career and personal interests.

Meet Your Coach Kaisa

Our LIVIO JOY founder, Kaisa has made many conscious life changes and career transitions since 2013. Having created her thriving identity and mindset forms a solid foundation that has benefited in taking up promotions, new work responsibilities, challenging projects and latest pivoting to a new field and starting her own business that meets her growth objectives and purposes. Her personal experiences as well as helping other talents and entrepreneurs from over 14 nationalities has given her the understanding what it takes to make major changes. And how much help and support makes an impact in the transformative journeys. Thus, Kaisa wants to help other professionals to navigate through their important career and life changes with less stress and sweat. Want to know more?

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