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Ready to master your way to creating successful results?


Do you know you are meant for more in your life but you can't seem to have the time, energy or the right strategy to create the results you want? Here's something to help you level up.


We at LIVIO JOY want to see you succeed in your life without compromising your life quality, relationships and happiness. Therefore, our founder, certified life mastery coach Kaisa, is sharing the 5 essential stages you need to master to reach remarkable results and create your way to success. In this Set up for Success Sheet, Kaisa introduces 25 practical questions that will guide you through these five necessary stages and help you achieve your greatest goals faster.


Get your copy below and think about what stage would need more attention from you now to help you achieve the results you want.

Get your Success Sheet now that it's still available for free!

Yes, I Want My Success Sheet!

Meet our Coach Kaisa!


Hi, I'm Kaisa, the mastermind behind LIVIO JOY coaching with the purpose to help experts and entrepreneurs to succeed in their lives, careers and relationships.


Do you know you are meant for more? I was living small and safe. When I was about to lose what was important to me, I chose to stand up for myself and take control of my life and happiness.


I left my home country and a ten-year corporate career, studied a new profession and started building a business on my purpose. Now I know what it is to live fully. I have the freedom I value, a meaningful way to help others succeed and explore the world with the man I love. I'm not settling for a mediocre life anymore, a life half lived.


My journey has given me an understanding of what it takes to make major life and career changes. I've helped experts and entrepreneurs from 20+ different nationalities to transform their lives and careers into remarkable success stories. This is what success looks like for me.


I want to hear what does success look like to you?

Get towards the fulfilling experiences and successes you are meant for! Let's discover what are your next steps! Book your FREE 30-minute consultation call with me to see what is possible.

Your Life Mastery Coach, Kaisa

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Take control into your hands

Does life feel OK but not great? Don't miss out on living the life you want — the one you deserve. Sometimes we need a gentle push to start taking the action to transform our situation towards the dream - whatever is important for you to focus on now. Therefore, we offer an opportunity to get access to our LIVIO JOY support without any line. Just get your Taster Experience to get your desires moving into reality. Our clients have found these tasters 100 % beneficial in their situation. See what the Taster Experience includes and get yours today!

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Kaisa helped me create results!

"I really recommend working with Kaisa if you feel like you need some clarity on the next steps in your life. She made me realise and verbalise what I want to achieve and I set targets for myself." – Andreea

"Kaisa held the space really well for me. The coaching session helped to keep me inspired and connected to my purpose in life." – Jacqueline

"I've been at a career crossroads and Kaisa helped me to find the next path that felt truly mine. Kaisa was able to ask me very clever questions to lift up my hopes and make me trust in myself more!" - Amelii

Read more success stories to hear what is possible! And start your journey to successful results today. Join our Master Life Group or fisk-free personal coaching membership to move the needle now.

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