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have transformed their lives, careers and relationships

"Kaisa helped break down my goal into smaller chunks I found achievable, uncover the motivation needed to achieve my goals, and build confidence along the way." – Luis, Senior Manager

"Taking action was so much easier when I had Kaisa continuously helping me to clear my thoughts whilst I went forward with my organized weekly plans." – R.V, Manager

"Kaisa held the space really well for me. The coaching session helped to keep me inspired and connected to my purpose in life." – Jacqueline, Entrepreneur

"Kaisa has really helped me with my personal growth. She has made me question my way of thinking and my routines, and she has inspired me towards becoming more action-focused and overthinking less." – Lena, Co-Founder & Managing Director

"The most important part of our conversations was the fact that as we continued to expand on various goals and aspirations, they prompted ideas I have not considered before and helped me reshape my daily habits accordingly." – Ozgun, Attorney

"I really recommend working with Kaisa if you feel like you need some clarity on the next steps in your life. Just in one session, she made me realise and verbalise what I want to achieve and I set some targets for myself." – Andreea, Executive

Master the changes you want to make

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We've helped our clients to succeed in their life, leadership and relationship goals.

They have for example

  • discoved their main objectives and important priorities

  • crystalised a purpose-driven vision and effective plan

  • built confidence and skills to pursue targeted outcomes

  • reframed their limiting thinking and behavioural patterns holding them back from accomplishing their targets

  • improved their self and time management skills to focus their efforts where they make the most difference

  • increased their overall life quality, happiness and health and experiencing fulfilment at work and in all life areas.

How Saana received a job offer?

Saana's journey is enlightening and encouraging. In just a few months using LIVIO JOY coaching, Saana was able to make many changes in her private and professional life that

  • built her confidence and trust in her skills

  • improved her productivity and time management

  • while increased her happiness and wellbeing

The highlight was to witness her personal growth as well as her receiving a job offer! What do you want to transform?

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Who are LIVIO JOY clients?

Rising entrepreneurs, leaders and experts who come to us when they want to succeed in their careers without compromising their quality of life, happiness, flexibility, relationships and love. With our guidance, our clients have received job offers, landed dream workplaces and started purpose-driven businesses. And what fulfils us the most, they have learnt to appreciate their priorities and build a life around them. 


Each success journey is personal. The introduced examples show a variety of life transformations using our LIVIO JOY coaching and mentoring to guide them towards self-mastery, higher quality of life and improved joy and fulfilment. It has been rewarding to see how each of them has grown as a person during the coaching relationship and beyond. The self-mastery and leadership skills they have learnt and built will support their future successes.


Do you want to be certain of your career direction and use your efforts where they count? Do you dream of having the courage to follow your professional passions and create career opportunities that excites you?

Our LIVIO JOY clients gain insights and tools to design their meaningful career growth path integrated to their ideal work-life while getting practice in boosting their self-and time management skills and prioritizing their actions.


Improved life quality and productivity

I got clearance from all those thoughts, which I couldn’t get hold of myself. Coaching helped me to see my pitfalls in various things and helped me to get new perspectives on them.


Not only did I manage to set reasonable and achievable goals, but I also created an action plan that I was able to execute in my hectic daily life. And I also managed to slow down and add more of those things I actually wanted to have in my life.

Thanks to this coaching process, I had the courage to set myself free from my self-limiting beliefs, and due to that, I received a job offer that meets my dreams and goals. – Saana, HRD Specialist

Landing a dream job

"In the beginning, my goals seemed a mountain too tall to climb. I was frustrated and overburden with negative feelings. Also I’ve found goal setting very hard but Kaisa helped me to organize and plan different actions in a specific time frame.

After each session, I felt more confident, positive and empowered, and able to face a new step. I also learned different new ways to build trust in me, to face my fears and take purposeful actions.

Now I understand I'm able to reach my goals and I have no reason to feel ineffective. Due to my increased self-esteem and taking the necessary actions, I received two job offers that correspond to my expectation."

– Isabel, Teacher



Are you feeling unfulfilled in work role and want to add meaning in your career? But do you get overwhelmed or stuck when it comes to planning your opportunities and making changes to take the next steps?

Our LIVIO JOY clients gain ways to identify their natural strengths, core skills as well as career interests and growth areas. They also learn to manage their motivating career growth plan and set purposeful goals to reach their targets.

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Cultivating strengths & priorities

I started my coaching in the middle of my job search process during the challenging pandemic times. My aim was to clarify my goals, set my purpose and go towards my dream job and most importantly find what it is that I want to do.


Kaisa have been an amazing help and found a great way to ask questions in order for me to find the answers already within me. She has also given me some very practical self-development assignments to clarify my own goals and strengths. We have gone to the bottom of these strengths and how they could be utilized in my future professional life.


The coaching have really helped me to understand my own desires on a deeper level, reminded me about my values and hopes for my future career and personal life. I also reminded myself about my passions and dreams, those things that can be lost in a fast-paced lifestyle. All in all, coaching is one of the best experiences I have allowed myself in the past years. -Nina, Consultant

Finding true career drivers

I've been at a career crossroads. Kaisa helped me to find the next path that felt truly my own. She also guided me to see all my doubts and come up with alternative solutions.


The best part, though, was the feeling Kaisa understood me and was genuinely on my side. I was able to open even more difficult topics and to see them immediately in a new light and improve my understanding and compassion.


The LIVIO JOY Coaching Experience was helpful. Kaisa was able to ask me very clever questions to lift up my hopes and make me trust in myself more! - Amelii, starting entrepreneur



Are you dreaming of a more energizing and fulfilling lifestyle but finding it difficult to live by your priorities? Do you wish to enjoy your daily life but you're feeling challenged to integrate all life areas and responsibilities?

Our LIVIO JOY clients find ways to elevate their overall well-being, life quality and happiness by reframing self-limiting beliefs and habits, building a thriving mindset and designing their lifestyle with compassion.


Integrating priorities & boundaries

Kaisa has an amazing ability to create an atmosphere of trust where you can feel safe talking about sensitive topics. She can gently guide towards the most important aspects and push to think about the topic from a different angle.

After the coaching period, I feel that I have achieved my goals for the training and learned a lot about myself. I am now more aware of my strengths and core values. 


The most important impact on my everyday life is that I have now recognized and defined things that I want to focus on and spend my time with. – Paula, Marketing Manager



Learn ways how to lead your vision and inspire others to join your mission feeling fully engaged in their work.


Explore your meaninful career and professional growth path and go after your clarified plan with confidence.


Take control of their desired career and lifestyle, set healthy boundaries to live by their priorities.

What unifies LIVIO JOY coachees?

What unifies our clients, the driven experts and entrepreneurs, is the desire to have flexibility, excitement, joy and fulfilment in their lives as well as to have meaningful ways to help others. They simply want good for themselves, their loved ones and their communities.


Our role in their growth journeys is to help our clients to discover what is important for them, focus on their topmost priorities and use their time and efforts where they make the most difference to achieving their greatest goals.

As each journey is personal, our LIVIO JOY coaching is adjusted to the needs and targets you have. Request your free 30-minute consultation for us to discover where you want to be and how to get there.

Kaisa Siipilehto LIVIO JOY.jpg

Meet our Coach Kaisa

Our LIVIO JOY founder, Kaisa has made many conscious and big life changes, self-transformations and career pivots since 2013. Her profound self-exploration and inner growth journey has formed a stepping stone for the courage to go after her vision and building her purpose-led business focusing on helping others to succeed in fulfilling their visions. Kaisa wants to help more leaders and entrepreneurs to feel good about themselves while pursuing what is meaningful for them in life, leadership and relationships. Her growth path and lifestyle has inspired many to go after their daring dreams.

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