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Supporting Your Life, Happiness and Success

Do you just know you are meant for more in your life? More joy and excitement? Deeper connections? True love? Freedom and flexibility? Meaning? Wealth?


Managing all the elements in your life can simply feel too much. But we don't need to navigate the changes and challenges alone.


Therefore, Kaisa started LIVIO JOY. Kaisa was living it small and safe. Being scared to make the needed decisions and changes in her life almost cost her what was the most important for her. When she was about to lose the man she loves, Kaisa stood up for herself and her happiness and take control of her life.


In the past years, Kaisa has guided hundreds of experts, leaders and entrepreneurs as well as starting business owners from 20+ different nationalities and counting to drive their desired changes with courage and transform their lives and careers.


Kaisa wants to help more people master their lives and achieve the greatest goals in their lives, careers and relationships. So, what does success look like for you? Let's discover your next steps towards the life you want to have.


Why we want to help release your confusion, stress and overwhelm is that we've experienced what it is like to make major changes and pursue growth without or with coaching support. The difference is indescribable.


While we have witnessed the influence of coaching and mentoring ourselves and with our clients, we are looking for new valuable ways to support our clients better. At the core of our coaching is the objective, encouraging, compassionate and gently challenging partner, your coach, whose sole purpose is to support you to take on desired transformations and master your life as a whole. Read how our LIVIO JOY clients have transformed their lives and careers.


Remember you have the power to achieve anything within your control and we are here to support your important and transformative growth journeys.


Would you give up the opportunity to save time, energy and money to live the life you want?

Our purpose is to help you to master your life and happiness

  • increase your work enjoyment, meaning and fulfilment

  • feel excited and engaged in your role and career path

  • flourish in your responsibilities using your strengths

  • create new exciting career and business opportunities

  • elevate your motivation, resourcefulness and wellbeing

  • take on new challenges feeling confident and capable

  • practice prioritizing and focus efforts where they matter

  • set healthy boundaries to feel effective yet recharged

  • manage your important transformations and more...

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Our Professional Networks

You can find LIVIO JOY from selected service provider platforms and professional network communities that offer coaching and mentoring support around the globe. We also believe in collegial learning and are involved in empowering peer groups supporting coaches and entrepreneurs. Ask for more!


We are featured in

We want to help those in need and where they are looking for it. You can find more about our support, articles and gifts on these platforms. We appreciate being invited to contribute to Gift for the Mind and Brainz Magazine. Thank you for the Official Horonee in the CREA Global Awards 2022!

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We believe in continuous development, and therefore, after our coaching accreditation, we have been taking special training programs and advanced courses to deepen our knowledge and broaden our offering. Our founder and head coach Kaisa Siipilehto has degrees in Business Management, leadership and organisational wellbeing and a decade of experience in marketing roles before becoming a certified coach and accredited DISC profile reader.

You are in talented hands

LIVIO JOY as a partner

We believe that together we can create even greater support and help professionals, leaders and business owners to thrive. Thus, we are working with other coaches, consulting agencies, entrepreneurs and associations to help our communities and clients to drive changes feeling resourceful. Read more about our current partnerships and the variety of services we offer.


Ethical & Transparent

We are participating in The Ethical Move by committing to transparent, responsible and honest marketing. We invite you to join the movement and think about your part in the cycle of selling and buying. The Ethical Move wants to eliminate the marketing and selling practices that rely on scare tactics and psychological manipulation. Instead, they want to empower people and businesses to break this cycle of unethical marketing. We believe fruitful client relationships and partnerships are built on honesty, openness and trust. So, we want to be transparent and responsible partners to individuals and businesses.

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