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Life Mastery Membership

Do you want to succeed in your career or business without compromising your life quality, relationships and happiness? At LIVIO JOY we want that for you too. Our group and personal Master Life Membership programs help you to focus (and stay focused) on your top priorities and save your time and energy in achieving your greatest goals in life, career and relationships.


Welcome to join us who want to enhance and enjoy the highest quality of life while crushing it in and outside work. Benefit from learning, coaching and mentoring in your empowering group calls or focused personal meetings. Let's get you started and reach remarkable results faster than if you acted alone!

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Reach Remarkable Results Faster than If You Acted Alone

Mastering all your important life areas can be overwhelming, difficult or simply tiring. It takes time and energy to navigate between your priorities, make the right decisions and plan your activities effectively. We help you save your time and energy and use them where they make the most sense in your life. 


In your private meetings, we help you discover the blind spots, overcome any fear or limitation and make powerful decisions and plans for reaching your greatest goals in life, career and relationships. The group calls are valuable for learning, gaining new ideas and perspectives as well as holding each other accountable for taking action. Sharing challenges and successes with others can be the extra boost you need to keep on track! Start your membership and let's transform your life!

Our Membership Programs

Mastering your life has never been so enjoyable and effective!


Our group coaching membership is perfect for advancing your desired outcomes as well as learning together with other members and holding each other accountable for advancing your top priorities and goals. 


The monthly membership includes:

  • Group coaching: 3 meetings/month

  • Selected topics, personal guidance and Q&A in the meetings

  • Introducing selected life mastery exercises and methods

  • Direct access to your coach

  • Exponential learning and growth opportunities with your peers

  • Private community for extra guidance

  • Invitations to special events

  • Access to extra resources

  • inc. VAT 24%


Our personal membership is perfect for discovering your blind spots and limitations, unleashing your potential and strengths as well as prioritizing and making powerful decisions to achieve your greatest goals.


The monthly membership includes:

  • Up to two personal online meetings

  • Access to our group coaching: 3 meetings/month

  • Access to our full LIVIO JOY library

  • Direct chat with your coach/mentor

  • 'Set up for Success' assignment

  • Coachee Success tracker sheet

  • Private community for extra guidance

  • Invitations to special events

  • Access to extra resources

  • 100% risk-free 30-day Happiness Guarantee

  • inc. 24% VAT

Who is Master Life Membership for?

Our members are experts, leaders and entrepreneurs who want to

  • have time and energy on their highest priorities

  • make powerful decisions and prioritize actions effectively

  • have flexibility, excitement and fulfilment in their days

  • be valued and make a significant impact

  • deepen and reconnect their essential relationships

  • master and achieve their greatest goals in life and career.

Our LIVIO JOY Membership plans support your transformations and achieving the greatest goals in your life, career and relationships. Want our help in choosing the right plan for your situation? Book a consultation call to discover your steps to life mastery!

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