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Meet our coach Kaisa


Hey! I'm Kaisa, a marketing professional from Finland (the happiest country in the world) turned into a Life Mastery Coach and Life Quality Designer. You can consider me as your biggest cheerleader who wants to see you succeed in what success means for you.


As the LIVIO JOY founder and certified coach, I've helped experts, leaders and entrepreneurs from 20+ nationalities to transform their lives. I want help more people like you to master their lives so that they can focus on their priorities, save time and energy in achieving their greatest goals and enjoy the highest quality of life.


Ready to take your life to the next level? Let's create your remarkable results faster than if they acted alone!


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Kind words from our event guests

"Exceeded my expectations: I was inspired and I became more certain that I will reach my targets. As a coach Kaisa was positive and easy to approach."



"I was so inspired about this summit and how Kaisa made this possible! I think Kaisa did a great job putting this together and finding so many interesting speakers! I liked the idea of going big and global to get as many stories as possible!"


Courage to Lead Summit


"Very worthwhile conversations that brings a lot of new ideas"


"I admired the commitment and liveliness and smartness of Kaisa"

"Well done demonstrating courage to lead!"


"Thank you for a valuable workshop. It provided a strategy how to prioritize and achieve your goals. My favourite takeaway was the very useful and practical Life satisfaction and priorities weel. A 10/10 experience."

The Highest Life Quality & Happiness Workshop

Courage to Lead Summit

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