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We are responsible for our professional and career development more than ever. Industries move fast, competition is vast and learning is lifelong. So, it's natural to feel lost when it comes to creating your dream career.


Many feel overwhelmed by the vast options and uncertain what career opportunities they want to take on not to mention to create for themselves. They feel stuck finding what excites them and stressed about making the needed changes to feel happier and healthier.

To help career-minded professionals navigate their important career progression certified career coaches Irina and Kaisa created the Career Happiness Tribe – a global community connecting and empowering specialists to progress their goals and dreams in any stage of their careers.


Do you see yourself as a part of this movement of increasing work-life enjoyment through meaningful career development? Welcome on board!

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Join our joyful tribe!

Join our friendly Career Happiness Tribe to boost your work-life enjoyment through professional development with other specialists around the world. Walking your path alone can feel tiring and stressful. So, we created a space for you to support each other by sharing our career stories, experiences, and lessons! It's more fun to seek ways how to thrive in your career when we do it together!


The purpose of this tribe is to encourage having an open and empowering conversation around career planning, professional development and following a meaningful growth path while increasing your work-life happiness.

The tribe founders and facilitators, Kaisa and Irina are also providing you with self-coaching tips, networking events and training programs to guide you further in your desired career development. Join our private Facebook group to keep up to date on what's coming and invite your friends along!

Casual Meeting

Upcoming Events & Webinars

FREE Career Relationship Webinar - Valentine's Day Edition 10/02 at 17-18 (GMT+2) on Google Meets


Come and boost one of the most important personal relationships you have - your career. This free webinar is all about embracing your career and cultivating your professional self. Read more and register right away - we have limited spots available so you want to show up on time!

Anni's career story

"I'm grateful I've been able to develop various professional skills from leading project teams to data visualisation. It's been highly valuable to ask questions, doubt and reflect on my personality and tendencies; what is my mission and vocation and what reeeaally matters. That has lead to creating targets and taking steps to achieve them – they don't need to be big leaps, the direction matters most. However, more than anything else, I'm grateful for the perfect inner peace and freedom to pursue challenges I'm really enthusiastic about"– Anni

Join our Campfires to hear more inspiring stories, career growth insights and share your experiences!

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Nina's career insights

"Last year changed many lives in different ways. For me, it meant more time to think seriously about my own future career plans and dreams. Often, awakenings require just that, taking a pause for X amount of time. Everyone should take these breaks at regular intervals whether it is forced or voluntarily. In fact, last year can be described as a kind of milestone for change. I am now much clearer what I want from my career and I can express my wishes to others as well. I think you can find what you’re looking for by searching and reflecting. And I did find a job where I can implement both my creativity and my social skills.” – Nina


Join our Campfire meetings to gain new insights and hear others lessons from their career journeys!

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Career Happiness Course

To help stuck and stressed professionals make their desired career changes and pursue their professional goals, coaches Irina and Kaisa, united their knowledge together. They created The Career Happiness Course covering the essential information, exercises and tools to help professionals to increase their work-life enjoyment, fulfillment and thriving feeling supported. This online course will guide you to explore, plan and take action to undertake meaningful career progress aligned with your interests, strengths and priorities.

Who is this course for?


This program includes 8 modules which offer a comprehensive support to advancing your career dreams and goals. The course is suitable for you if you're looking to improve your work-life excitement, motivation, and fulfillment as well as seeking ways to progress your career dreams and growth objectives with less stress and time, more ease and fun!

The Program & Plan


The course includes 8 modules with videos and workbooks.


See the full plan and sign up here.

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