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Many are not satisfied with their work and career situation. They are seeking for new exciting opportunities to improve their work-life quality and balance, yet, finding it difficult to identify and narrow down the changes or transition they want to make. Therefore, two passionate career coaches, Kaisa and Irina, started Career Happiness Lab to provide valuable, yet affordable career coaching programs and online courses to help professionals navigate their career dreams, goals and transitions with more ease and less time and stress. Sign up to transform your career!

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Get our tips and advice for free! We collected you this 40-minute webinar covering the selected parts from all the 8 modules of our paid Career Happiness Course so you can take the first steps towards exciting and fulfilling professional development and career progression.

Watching this webinar will give you an idea

  • what topics and areas you want to consider when thinking of your professional and career development

  • how to look for and create exciting new job opportunities aligned to your personality and priorities

  • how to build your professional brand and grow your possibilities

  • how to grow your motivation and work-life balance and more!

Sign up to our membership page and get access to this free webinar and our extra tips and guidance!

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Career Happiness Course

Of the global employees, 62 % say they are surviving or struggling at work. This shows in a huge number of specialists wanting change to be happier and more balanced in their work-life. Over 40 % of workers worldwide are now looking to change jobs or making a major transition or career pivot within a year. (Source Work Trend Index 2021)


Are you looking for guidance to make your career changes with more ease, less time and stress?

To help stuck and stressed professionals to make their desired career changes, certified career  coaches Kaisa and Irina created this specific online course program providing you with the essential information, exercises and tools. The full program (see the 8 modules below) guides you to explore, plan, brand, promote and take action towards meaningful career progress.

The Course Program

You'll find all these modules useful even if you're not looking to make major career changes and transitions at the moment. Actually we see this as a good situation when you’re not in a rush to make changes. This will allow you to take your time to reflect and weigh the best options for you. While you make longer-term plans we also guide you to thrive in your current role, cultivate your strengths and balance your work-life to have the energy to progress your professional development. And even if you wanted to make changes and progress fast, our guidance and exercises will be super useful! Welcome to transform your career development with us!

1 Module - Build professionals awareness

Why is self and career awareness crucial for building a rewarding and successful career? You get to reflect on your current situation, explore future vision and where you want to be going.


2 Module - Prioritize your top values

What are the values, priorities and drives and how they impact your career decision-making and how you feel about your work? Let's close the gap between personal values and company ones.


3 Module - Take action with certainty

How do you build certainty and confidence that you're on a right career path for you. Let's take your vision from dreams to empowering plans aligned to your values and interests.


4 Module - Create new opportunities

How can you create the career path and new exciting opportunities that foster your uniqueness? Let's find out your strong sides, areas of growth and opportunities to develop your professional enjoyment.

5 Module - Use your uniqueness

Embracing your experience, knowledge and unique combination of skills - multipotentiality - and how to make the most of your potential to your career growth. What sparks your interest?


6 Module - Brand your talent

Designing your ideal career and work role and position in your field letting your uniqueness and talent shine.


7 Module - Build your authenticity

Stepping into your dream job as a wanted talent. How do you build credibility, authority and authenticity in your field? How will you enter your ideal work role? How do you cultivate the impact you want to make in your field?


8 Module - Balance your work-life

Combining your professional and personal priorities, future visions and exciting plans to a harmonized lifestyle. How do you feel happy, fulfilled and balanced?

Ready to transform your career progression and sign up?


Now you can get this total 360-degree guidance to make the most of your career development!

Just sign up, make the one-time payment and you'll get access to this full course.

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Who is this course for?

This Career Happiness Course is suitable for professionals like you when you're looking to for example:

  • boost your confidence at work and to take on exciting new opportunities

  • thrive in your current or new role by strengthening your uniqueness

  • explore your professional interests and objectives 

  • plan a purposeful career growth path aligned to your priorities

  • identify and create new interesting job/career opportunities

  • plan your next career steps feeling certain and motivated

  • cultivate your talent and build a compelling professional brand

  • increase your work-life fulfillment and balance

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Our free Career Happiness Webinar is a great way to start exploring your professional dreams, situation, objectives and more - things you maybe didn't even think about before.

Sign up as a member and get access to this free webinar packed with useful tips and advice on how to look at your career development and how to start designing your desired career progression and path that will increase your happiness and fulfillment.

Sounds pretty awesome right?! 😍

Follow the link to choose the webinar plan and sign up to access it for free! There's more what we are not revealing to you just yet 

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