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Want to unlock your potential, take control into your own hands and create the results you want in life and business? Let's discover your next steps forward to accomplish what you want!


This Master Your Life and Business Taster Experience is a unique opportunity to experience the benefits of coaching fast. All our Taster Experience clients have found this support option beneficial in their situation (50 % exceeded my expectations, 33.3 % a great deal, 16.3 % plenty = 100 % satisfied coachees).


We help you succeed in creating the results you find important. Our certified coach, Kaisa Siipilehto has guided over 1,800 experts worldwide to transform their lives. She is passionate about supporting experts to become hired, sought-after in their fields so they can increase their impact, income and freedom and serve more people. Get her support in English or Finnish.


This Taster Experience is valuable when you for example:

  • want to explore your priorities, goals and aspirations and
  • plan the next growth steps on how to progress them and
  • discover how to manage obstacles coming in the way


The Taster Experience includes:

  • The Set up for Success pre-assignment to get prepared
  • The personal coaching session (up to 90 minutes) to advance your vision and desired targets with your coach Kaisa Siipilehto
  • A handpicked self-study assignment to accelerate your process
  • Personalised advice and a clear 3-step action plan
  • Self-assessment to learn and implement long-term impacts


Once you purchase the Master Your Life & Business Taster Experience, you'll get an e-card that has all the details on how to continue.


After this Taster Experience, you have for example:

  • clarified your vision and targeted outcomes
  • discovered the changes and actions to take
  • gained clarity and resources to achieve your targets

and plenty more depending on what we will work on with you.


Sounds useful in your situation?


See more about what our clients have gained from their LIVIO JOY experiences displayed in the pictures.


We can guarantee to deliver a professional coaching service. The results of this taster experience depend largely on you and how you apply the new insights that will emerge for you from the coaching and mentoring advice.


Ready to take on this opportunity to transform your life?


Purchase your taster experience now to get the details on how to book your experience.


For your success and joy,


Certified Coach & Founder LIVIO JOY

The Master Your Life and Business Taster Experience

Sales Tax Included
  • All attendees have found the provided guidance beneficial in their situation: 50 % exceeded my expectations, 33.3 % a great deal, 16.3 % plenty = 100% satisfied.

    "Kaisa is easygoing, warm and welcoming. She was able to create rapport effortlessly within the short time we had together. Her coaching questions were on point and she managed to lead my thinking in a most natural way allowing me a safe space to explore the topic at hand. I was surprised and astonished at how much she was able to help me progress with my thinking in such a short period of time! With just one session I was able to sketch a rough outline for a 5-year plan with unexpected content. Looking back at our discussion and the result, I fully stand behind the outcome that we achieved. The session set me off on a new career course that I did not foresee. I can only imagine what you can achieve with Kaisa during additional coaching sessions!" - Ira

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