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Want to learn from the world's happiest how to enhance your happiness, work-life harmony and quality of life?!

Take this opportunity to learn and apply the key life lessons from the world's happiest citizens, Finnish people, to help you build healthy and happy relationships, habits and ways of living. Sounds valuable to you?


Have you heard of Finns? They have been recognized as the world's happiest by the Happiness Report now 7 years in a row (2017-2023).


The HAPPY Workbook is a unique collection of 6 essential lessons from Finland and the Finnish way of living together with concrete self-coaching exercises and guidelines that will help you make changes that will elevate your happiness, fulfilment and well-being across the important life areas from career to relationships.


These insights are put together by our LIVIO JOY founder Kaisa Siipilehto, a Finn with a global worldview. Her vivid experiences from growing up and building a 10-year corporate career in the Helsinki Metropolitan area, moving to London to study a new profession and qualifying as a coach as well as starting her own online business have given her an understanding of what it takes to make major life and career changes. Now she is passionate about guiding others to discover and implement changes that enhance the quality of their lives and careers.


As a coach and mentor, Kaisa offers a fresh solution-focused approach combining lessons from her home country Finland (the world's happiest nation already 7 times in a row by The World Happiness Report 2017-2023), her corporate career, business knowledge, and internationally recognised coaching methods.


Join the movement of enjoying your life fully!


You'll find this HAPPY Workbook useful when you want to:

  • explore concepts of happiness, fulfilment and success and what they mean for you
  • discover insights from the world's happiest citizens and how they nurture their happiness by creating a healthy way of living
  • get inspiration and new ideas to improve your quality of life and relationships with yourself and others
  • have guided exercises and practices on how to apply your learnings to your own life and
  • take your life to the next level to enjoy it fully with the people you care about.


The HAPPY Workbook includes:

  • useful self-coaching exercises that support you to elevate your life quality, joy and fulfilment by
  • introducing the 6 essential lessons from the world's happiest nation and citizens and
  • offering essential insights from their way of living that you can adjust and apply to your own life
  • summaries of studies and reports that introduce the findings and elements
  • guidelines to support your transformation


Once you purchase the HAPPY Workbook, you'll get a link to download your own workbook copy.


After completing this workbook, you have for example:

  • a developed view of happiness, life satisfaction and success personally as well as as a member of your community
  • a wider perspective on the elements that support a happy and healthy way of living and building relationships
  • new ideas on improving your happiness and how to apply the lessons to your life
  • planned actions on how to practice the healthy elements to take your life to the next level


Sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it?!


Ready to transform your life? Let's go!




Read more about Kaisa's life transformation.

The HAPPY Workbook

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  • First, add the HAPPY Workbook to your card and go to the checkout. After completing the purchase, you'll get a link to download a workbook on the 'thank you' page or email confirmation. Then just enjoy the reading and completing your assignments guiding you to improve your life quality, joy and fulfilment.

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