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Career Happiness Question #1

How do you know what you want in your life and career?

Asking powerful questions.

So, what should you ask yourself?

Before you rush into organizing your thoughts, begin by taking time for yourself, putting other things aside for a moment and eliminating distractions so your thoughts have room to fly. Then choose your setting: do you prefer sitting in a comfy armchair, taking a walk in fresh air or lying on grass? Decide also if you just want to explore or write down your reflections.

When you're ready, you can start by thinking about: what is it that you want to know, what would you need now, what you would want to change...

Everything starts by becoming self-aware of the topic you want to explore. Even your happiness depends on your self-awareness. When you become mindful of your true needs and desires, you can make conscious efforts to do what would make you happy.

Since a career is a big part of our lives, it impacts our overall happiness greatly.

Sadly many talents are unhappy. More than in a long time. In the US alone, 4 million employees quit their jobs in April which is the highest number in 20 years (the Labor Department). The retail sector and professional and business services had the most leavers.

Can you sense the dissatisfaction in the air? Up to 95 % of employees are looking to change their job and even industry according to job site Monster's survey in the US in June 2021. An earlier study made in January showed that of global workers 41 % are looking to change their job within a year. There are many reasons for lower work-life satisfaction and higher willingness to change. The biggest reasons seem to be burnout and lack of growth.

A third of Monster's recipients pointed out burnout. No wonder, as burnout experiences have skyrocketed — 61% of Americans feel at least somewhat burned out (Insider survey), and 67 % feel more burned out since the pandemic has been turning over their working life (Indeed's poll in March). The second-highest reason for wanting to quit their job (29 %) was a lack of growth opportunities, showed Monster's poll.

The bright side is that the talents leaving their jobs feel confident finding a new job. 66 % of Monster's respondents believe there are job opportunities available for them, and as many as 92 % said they are willing to change industries for the right role.

How are you feeling about your work and profession at the moment?

Career Happiness Questions are meant the help your career reflecting and planning

We spend so much time working so why not do something that you truly enjoy and can use your best skills. Therefore, I want to help the unhappy and stuck change-makers to increase their career happiness to succeed in what they want to do. To support your exploration, I'll be sharing CAREER QUESTIONS in our blog and LIVIO JOY Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages — follow your favourites 💛

These Career Questions are to guide you to reflect on your thought, behavioural patterns and experiences related to your work-life and directing your thinking towards new insights. Though I offer optional answers, I want to remind you that there are no right or wrong answers. They are just to spark your thinking and exploration. You'll have your own answer so take your time to identify how you feel about the topic.

As a manager or leader, you can also use the questions to think about how you support your team members in these areas; do you offer them a safe space to express their concerns, what tools do you have to support them and how can you take their needs forward?

Since my purpose is to build a better work-life, I also want to help the leaders to find ways to inspire their talents to feel excited and engaged in their work. Are you one of them or do you know someone close to you? You can reach out to me to discuss more of your needs and our leadership and business coaching. As a part of my Corporate Executive Coaching training, I'm also looking to work with managers, leaders and business owners who want that extra support and objective partner to help through the pressing challenges and grow.

When you're self-awareness raises you can then direct your thinking towards planning needed actions. If you feel overwhelmed in your situation, please do dare to ask for help. I've witnessed my friends quitting their jobs when they didn't see any other alternative anymore when their employer wasn't resourceful enough to support them, in a burnout.

Talking to an objective person who is not judging or advising you to do something else than what you wanted, is priceless. Having used professional help to support me throughout my career pivot and transitioning to a profession, made me feel more empowered and organised. When you want more clarity, you can request a free clarity call with me to get your thoughts and targets organised.

Now I let you ponder this week's question.

1. When I'm planning the next steps in my career, I choose to follow

  • other's expectations of me and my career progression

  • my innermost interests and passions that will fulfil my soul purpose

  • what else?

I recommend taking a short moment every day and a longer time during the week with your thoughts and dreams.

If now is not the best time, save the post in your notes, calendar or where ever you will find it. You can always come back once a day, once a week, once a month.

I'd love to hear your insights in the comments <3


Career Growth Coach | LIVIO JOY

Kaisa's career was building on her plan B. When it wasn't supporting her anymore, Kaisa started exploring new opportunities. Having faced the challenges of navigating through overwhelm, stress and panic, she sought help and came up with a purpose-driven plan aligned to her priorities. So, began her transitioning into a new field, profession and entrepreneurship. With her example, Kaisa wants to inspire others to follow their career dreams and goals. Now she's guiding change-makers to succeed in their careers, roles and responsibilities with joy — the core element of LIVIO JOY.


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