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Congratulations on valuing yourself and taking the time to invest in the quality of your life and relationships and level up what is important for you. Let's unleash what you're meant for!​

First, schedule your meeting to save the appointment details in your confirmation email.

In your Strong and Superior Living Unleashed Experience, you get to:

  • create an exciting vision for your life and future

  • explore your desired outcomes and suitable options

  • prioritize what to focus on and have the courage to do that

  • update limitations what would hold you back

  • identify what will support your success

Your Gift Experience includes:

  • The pre-assignment to tune into exploring your future

  • The 60-minute coaching meeting with our certified coach Kaisa Siipilehto

  • Personalised suggestions to advance the desired outcomes and transformation

  • The self-assessment to deepen the learning and new insights for further use


Looking forward to helping you unleash superior living in 2023!

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Meet coach Kaisa!


Hi, I'm Kaisa, the Founder of LIVIO JOY with a mission to help busy professionals release stress and confusion, have courage and meaning, and build strong healthy relationships to enjoy living with the people they care about.


Kaisa was about to lose what was important - the man she loves. She chose to take control of her life and happiness and have the courage to go after what is meaningful for her. Kaisa left her home country, permanent job and secure lifestyle, moved away from her family, comfort and control, rented her flat and started her business.

Sounds like a lot? It was! Kaisa was scared, confused, stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated. But she knew what I had to do to be happy in her life and relationship. Kaisa hasn't looked back, not once.

There's love, joy, intimacy and meaning in her days. 
Now I've been helping experts and entrepreneurs from over 20 nationalities to transform their lives. See what is possible for you too and read our success stories!

I'm looking forward to working with you! Book your experience here!

Kaisa Siipilehto

Coach & Founder of LIVIO JOY

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