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We believe unconditional love is the best gift you can give to people you care about. You can show it through compassion and supporting their dreams, needs and aspirations. Now you can give them an ultimate gift experience that will help unleash the impactful life they desire, and deserve!


Give The Impactful Life Unlocked Experience to guide your loved one to get crystal clear on what they want and discover the next 3-step personalised actions to focus on to achieve their vision.


See what our clients have gained from their LIVIO JOY experiences!


We at LIVIO JOY are passionate about supporting experts to create the experiences and results they want in life and business. Our founder and certified coach, Kaisa Siipilehto has guided over 1,800 professionals and business owners worldwide to transform their lives. Get her support in English or Finnish.


All you need is to think about your loved ones: who would enjoy and benefit from this experience, purchase the number of gift cards and forward the ultimate gift experiences they won't forget! We'll take care of the rest in supporting them to thrive towards their interests and ambitions.


This experience is suitable for individuals:

  • enthusiastic to explore their desires and make them happen
  • interested in self-development and taking the next growth steps
  • wanting to discover new opportunities in life and business
  • seeking to increase their quality of life, joy and fulfilment


The Gift Experience includes:

  • The Set up for Success pre-assignment 
  • The personal coaching session (up to 60 minutes) to advance their desired outcomes
  • Personalized advice and a clear 3-step plan to continue progressing the targeted outcomes and transformation


Once you purchase the experience, you'll get a gift card to share with the lucky person. The gift card has all the details on how to book the experience. We'll take delicate care of delivering the experience to your gift receiver.


After this gift experience, the coachee has for example:

  • explored what they want and how to advance them
  • what has been hindering or could hinder their success
  • identified what will support their journey to achievements

and more depending on the wishes for the session


How excited are you for the gift receiver?!


We can guarantee to deliver a professional coaching service in a confidential environment.


Who would get this prime opportunity to unlock their impactful life?


Purchase the gift experience now and forward the gift card to the lucky receiver! There are several months for them to use their experience.


Let's support your loved one to successes that await them!✨


Kaisa Siipilehto

Founder and Certified Coach


The Impactful Life Unlocked Gift Experience

Sales Tax Included
  • After purchasing this gift experience, you'll get a link to download the gift card on the 'thank you' page and in the order confirmation email. This gift card has all the needed details for the receiver to request and book their experience. This Gift Card is a small PDF file to be sent to the lucky receiver via email or other messaging channels. The gift cards purchased before 31 January 2024 are valid until 30 June 2024.

  • Our focus is on delivering professional guidance and coaching that supports you in discovering the next steps towards your desired changes and outcomes. The experience will be unique and personal for everyone. Notice that coaching does not guarantee results. The client results showcased are reached by being open and coachable as well as taking action.

    We take pride in the coaching benefits and results we create with and for our clients. Therefore, we will make sure that the experience will be helpful and provide value to the receiver using the gift experience. This experience can not be returned.

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