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Your Impactful Life and Career Guarenteed in Months

Get the proven methods to help you level up and create the results and experiences you want in life and business. Make sure you won't miss any advice guiding you to the next level. Enter the event waiting list here to be the first one invited to our free weekly live training sessions and special events.

Active Your Impactful Life

Professionals come to us to become hired, sought-after experts to serve more people. We help them achieve their desired results in life and business with less time so they can spend it on travel, health and creating experiences with their loved ones. How would you spend more time for yourself?


Having worked with hundreds of clients, we can say our process and methods bring remarkable results in just a few months. In 2023, 9 out of 10 our job seeker clients were employed in 1-6 months. Just imagine what you can accomplish having the right support...

Is it time to say goodbyes to uncertainty or overwhelm and welcome the future of confidence and self-trust?

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Your Enjoyment

Discover your greatest priorities and how to create those experiences and memories with joy and ease.



Your Mission

Level up your career and influence and pursue your professional interests with condifence and trust.

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Your Impact

Discover a vision bigger than yourself and lead the change you want to see in the world with courage and excitement.


Don't miss out on living the life you want with the people you care about. It's time to activate the life you deserve. We help you to take the first or next steps towards the life and career you want to have. First, you need to want it. Then we help you to create what you want in life and business with joy and ease.

How we work together?


We help you to clarify your vision and where you want to see yourself, find your blindspots and overcome your limitations by asking powerful questions. For this to work, be honest with yourself and your coach ;)


We guide you to see different perspectives, prioritize your options and direct your efforts where they make the most difference to your targets. Clarity makes you feel confident about taking action.


We help you to identify the impacts of taking or not taking action. We also support you to hold yourself accountable and feel motivated to make the changes you want to see in your life and career.


"I can do this" attitude changed my life

“Thanks to this coaching process, I had the courage to set myself free from my self-limiting beliefs, and due to that, I received a job offer that meets my dreams and goals. I set achievable goals and created an action plan that fits in my hectic daily life. I also managed to slow down and add more of those things I actually wanted to have in my life.” - Saana

For Your Success and Joy

When you want to create your impactful life and career, Kaisa is your biggest cheerleader! After pivoting from a 10-year corporate career in marketing, Kaisa has guided over 2,000 professionals around the globe to transform their lives. As a Leadership Coach and Career Growth Expert at LIVIO JOY, Kaisa helps heart-centred experts reach their desired results in life and business. Her journey has given her an understanding of what it takes to make major changes to create what you want. Her story keeps giving goosebumps to those connecting with her experience.

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"Kaisa's coaching has helped me to understand my desires on a deeper level as well as my values and hopes for my career and personal life." - Nina

Get 14 proven strategies to 14X Your Life Joy now!

Master The 5 Skills to Succeed

Do you know what you'd want to do but you just can't seem to have the time, energy and money, or working strategy to make it happen? We have the perfect tool for you! We guide you through the 5 areas you need to master to succeed in creating the results you want. How valuable does this sound to you? Oh and did I mention, for a limited time we have this Set up for Success Sheet available for FREE! Get your own copy now!

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You are in talented hands

Our founder Kaisa is advocating personal and professional growth. Her solution-focused approach provides a combination of knowledge gathered over 15 years in business, brand marketing and leadership development, recognized coaching methods as well as entrepreneurial skills.

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Our collaborations

We believe in creating great successes together with other purpose-driven companies and communities. Therefore, we are collaborating with selected organisations to support experts to thrive in their fields.

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As featured

You can find LIVIO JOY from selected service providers that offer professional coaching and mentoring support. Read also our articles related to personal, leadership and business development featured at the Brainz magazine.

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